Collection: Garden of Aranyani

This collection draws inspiration from Aranyani, a deity distinguished by one of the most vivid hymns in the Rigveda (Hymn 146 in the 10th mandala). The Aranyani Suktam paints a portrait of her as elusive, drawn to tranquil clearings in the jungle, and unafraid of remote places. In the hymn, the supplicant beseeches her to reveal the secret of traversing far from civilization without succumbing to fear or loneliness. Adorned with anklets bearing bells, Aranyani, though rarely seen, announces her presence through the melodic tinkling of her anklets. Described as a dancer, her extraordinary ability to nourish both humans and animals, without cultivating any lands, captivates the supplicant.

This collection not only embraces nature but also encapsulates everyday objects such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, coffee, buttered toast, and omelettes. It delves into cultural practices, including the reverence for the Drishti god and the symbolic representation of courage through a tiger. Furthermore, the inclusion of water bodies and animals signifies the intricate interconnection between humanity and the natural world.

Within this collection, one can witness rabbits frolicking in their natural habitat, butterflies gracefully adorning the surroundings, and crows perched on a beautifully crafted chandelier. Majestic elephants make their presence felt alongside vibrant flowers and their motifs seamlessly integrated into clothing. This ensemble captures the essence of a harmonious coexistence between the beauty of nature and the tangible artifacts of human existence. Additionally, the collection incorporates a zodiac chart, symbolizing the interconnectedness of humans with both nature and the cultural practices they follow, creating a harmonious blend in the modern-day context.

"We had an incredible time creating this collection, and we sincerely hope you derive as much joy from it as we did during its inception. Your enjoyment is our ultimate reward!"